Friday, April 25, 2014

Of Love and Family

I get a decent amount of stuff posted to my Facebook wall. I try to keep up with it, often fall behind, and respond when I can. The response time will run longer if the post is a video. 30 seconds or 3 hours, it doesn't really matter. I do most Facebooking (totally a verb) from my phone, while in public.

What else are you supposed to do in grocery lines, interact with other human beings? Psh!
Photo credit: Consumerist Dot Com via photopin cc

If it requires sound, like a video, I'm not likely to watch it until I'm in the comfort of my author-hole (aka office) where I and my technology can be as loud as we want with out attracting nervous glances.

A friend of mine posted a Honey Maid video to my Facebook wall almost a month ago. Now, I enjoy the occasional swiped Teddy Graham as much as the next mother of a toddler, but nothing about Honey Maid or my idea of what they could possibly have put in a video really excited me. Does it have snarky cats or hot men or snarky cats getting the better of hot men? Because if not, let me introduce you to the rest of the Internet. I'd watch it, but I was in no real hurry.

And this is why I need to trust my friends more when they say "Watch this, you'll love it." My friends, they know me. They're also a pretty awesome group of people.

This video is beautiful. That's really the only word for it. To see a large corporation like Honey Maid, who literally succeeds or fails based on their image, take a stand and refuse to bow to criticism and hate from a fraction of the populace is a hopeful thing. The initial message is powerful in its simplicity; family is family, love is love. Their response to the negative comments they received in regards to that message is the best they could have made. Watch this, you'll love it.

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