Editing Services

In addition to being an author and freelance editor, I am a senior technical writer at the one of the world’s leading identity security companies. What does this mean (other than I know how to be discreet)? I can balance both worlds. I understand the technical rules of writing, as well as the conventions of genre fiction. I specialize in the romance genre. While I’m particularly interested in paranormal romance, sci-fi, fantasy, time travel/time slip, romantic suspense, speculative fiction, steampunk, and cyberpunk, I’m also well versed in contemporary and historical romance. I’m comfortable with manuscripts targeting young adult, new adult, and adult readers, and heat levels up to and including erotica. I am not as familiar with the conventions of the inspirational market, so I am unable to accept inspirational manuscripts at this time, but would be happy to refer you to editors better suited to assisting with that sub-genre.

I provide developmental edits, line edits, proofreading services, and book evaluations.

Sample Edit (required in most cases)
The sample edit is important because it gives us a chance to determine our professional compatibility, ensures you’re comfortable with my editing style, and provides insight into the type of edits your manuscript requires. The sample edit is an in-depth evaluation of the first 20 pages of your manuscript, which includes content/substantive edits, line edits, and may include some copy edits, if your manuscript is polished enough to benefit from them. I will make comments and track suggested edits within your manuscript. I will also provide a written summary of my overall thoughts and impressions of your manuscript, which will touch on areas of strength and weakness within the story and elements to consider. Also included in the price of the sample edit is a 20 minute follow-up conversation (by email, phone, Skype, or something similar), in which we can discuss your goals for the manuscript, the type of editing suggested, the time-frame for turnaround, and any questions you may have. Please note, I will need a synopsis of your story to complete the sample edit. It DOES NOT have to be in professional synopsis format, just enough to let me know where the story is heading.
Unless we've spoken and agreed it can be omitted, the sample edit is required for all new clients.
Sample Edit: $50 for the first 20 pages (approx. 5000 words)

Developmental Edit (also called Content Edit, Substantive Edit, Structural Edit, or Editorial Letter)
A content edit analyzes the composition of your manuscript and determines what, if anything, could be added, changed, or removed to improve it. Because it deals with the big picture, the edit will be in the form of an editorial letter instead of tracked changes within your Word document (although I'll often leave comments in the Word document as well, to point to specific sections referenced by the editorial letter). I’ll concentrate on overall story structure, story logic, world-building (at the conceptual level), scene structure and organization, characterization (including development, consistency, and GMC), and any substantive issues that are pervasive within your manuscript. Also included in the price of the content edit is a 20 minute follow-up conversation (by email, phone, Skype, or something similar).
Content Edit: $.015/word 

Line Edit
Line edits deal with the pacing, content, and overall continuity of a story. This includes an examination of world-building (at the story level), POV consistency, characterization, redundancies, instances of passive voice, any sections that fail to move the story forward, instances of telling instead of showing, and overall consistency.
Line Edit: $.025/word 

Proofreading (also called Final Pass)
This is the last step before a manuscript goes to publication. The proofread signals all other edits are complete and you’re ready for that one last set of eyes to catch and correct any still-existing errors or typos before your story hits the market.
Proofread: $.01/word 

Notes and Disclaimers
Page count is based on the standard 250-word, double-spaced page. Please use industry-standard formatting (.doc or .docx file type only, double-spaced lines, and 12-point Times New Roman or similar font). I use Microsoft Word to read and edit manuscripts, utilizing the Track Changes and Comment features. If you are unsure of how Track Changes functions, please let me know. I prefer to work with digital files, but if you need a physical manuscript review, contact me and we'll work something out. I accept payment in US Dollars and my preferred method of payment is via PayPal.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee your manuscript will start a publisher bidding war, have agents camping outside your home, or the New York Times blowing up your phone for an exclusive interview. If only I could, we'd all be on easy street. What I can guarantee is that if we enter into a contract, I will be honest, ethical, and as helpful as possible in bringing your vision for your manuscript to fruition.

If you have any questions or are interested working together, please contact me via my contact form.