Saturday, September 21, 2013

Of Dresses and Days

I love dresses. I love dresses almost as much as I hate pants; I may even love them MORE than I hate pants, and I hate pants quite a bit. It's not a girly thing with me, it's about comfort. Dresses are fast, easy, and comfortable. They're also acceptable at my office, whereas boxers and a tee, unfortunately, are not.

My closet is 75% sundresses, and I pretty much wear all of them until they have to be surrendered to that big summer-festival in the sky. I've even worn my wedding dress to work a few times.

To be fair, my wedding dress was a green tube dress I got for $30 on clearance at Belk

My dress enthusiasm (it's not an addiction if you don't admit it's a problem...and it's totally not), is hampered by the fact that I'm kinda cheap money conscious. I'm a huge fan of thrift stores, always have been, because I just don't see the point of paying retail for most things. Obviously I'll make exceptions, but finding a cute dress at the Goodwill on half-price Saturday comes with a certain sense of accomplishment that trolling a mall just doesn't have. Not for me, at least. 

Combining my love of dresses and thriftiness is one of the COOLEST sites I've ever seen, New Dress A Day. I cannot stress how awesome this site is. Marisa Lynch is a genius (and Jody Wallace is wonderful for introducing me to the site ^.^).

Inspired by Ms. Lynch and her creativity, I think it may be time to see if I can upcycle some dresses of my own. Fortunately, I already have the starting pieces. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with them...

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