Monday, February 4, 2013

Of Mondays and Moodiness

It's a Monday. Monday's don't tend to be too high on my list of Favorite Days of the Week. This particular Monday, I made it about 15 whole minutes before my faithful zombie stress doll EOR became a makeshift voodoo doll.

Alas, poor EOR

Maybe "voodoo doll" isn't the accurate term since no actual ritual was held, but I don't know a more succinct way of saying "I stabbed the poor doll profusely in impotent rage until I felt marginally less hostile towards the human beings in my direct vicinity."

Okay, so maybe there is a more succinct way of phrasing it. How about "typical Monday"?

Rest is peace, EOR. Or whatever it is un-resting, non-peaceful monsters do. 

Anyone else have the Monday zombie voodoo doll blues?

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