Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Of Blog Breaks, Babies, and Hopefully Blogging Again

I've taken a blog break. Nothing major, just took a step back to have a baby, bring him home from the hospital, and, you know, watch him grow and turn 8 months old.     o.O

Okay, so perhaps it was a longer break than I'd anticipated...from blogging, and writing, and, um, what was that thing I had pre-baby? It's on the tip of my tongue; I used to get all wrapped up in it... Oh yeah! A life. But enough hibernation. The little one is getting bigger every day and it's time for me to return to the activities I also hold dear, including the writing career I'm working to build. Fortunately, I do have my family's unwavering support in this venture.

Hey mom, how 'bout you write something? Legos ain't gonna buy themselves!

How times flies. So, back to writing and blogging and brainstorming and pursuing this crazy dream of mine. Hello 2013, we're going to have a wonderful time together. 

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