Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reblog: Growing Up Poor and the HEA

I love the Wonkomance blog for a number of reasons. It centers around the romance genre, but it's so much more than the typical author, reader, or reviewer blog (not that there is anything wrong with any of those typical blogs). If you want insightful commentary and content that really cuts to the heart of the sometimes hidden, sometimes ignored, sometimes overlooked aspects of romance and the romance genre, Wonkomance is the place to go.

Yesterday, authors Audra North and Charlotte Stein created a joint post titled Perspectives: Growing Up Poor and the HEA. Wow. Just wow. I'm used to high quality content from Wonkomance, but this particular post struck me dumb. I've written and deleted 3 different attempts to explain why I think this is such an important conversation, and just how beautifully I think they handled it, but ultimately my bumbling attempts at addressing the way this post made me feel adds nothing to the conversation. And so, I will simply say read this post. Just, read it.

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