Monday, June 2, 2014

Of Inspiration and Secret Projects

One week at RT is apparently all it takes to blow my blogging schedule straight to hell. But, I'm tentatively back on track (I say tentatively, because I've learned better than to anger the schedule gods by being cocky enough to think I'm in control of my own schedule), and back to blogging.

May was a busyBUSYbusyBUSY month and my own writing took a bit of a backseat to other projects and commitments. Now that it's June, I'm back to the grindstone. Today's writing project is a bit of a break from my WIP, so I'm dubbing it "The Secret Project" to make it sound as cool as I hope it turns out to be. I'm not going to say anything more about it now, but it was inspired--at least in part--by Josh Ritter's The Curse.

Josh Ritter is a master of ballads. He's a must-listen for anyone who enjoys stories.

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