Sunday, October 20, 2013

Of Goodreads and Great Reads

While working on my reading homework (yes, it's homework...homework of the best possible variety!), I went to track my upcoming reads on goodreads and noticed a trend.

This is the trend

Nothing at all against children's books, but I think the Littlest Kraken has managed to abscond with almost ALL of my reading time. Children's books currently average of 6 to 1!  And I don't track how many times I read each story (the goodreads system doesn't allow enough integers to accurately record how any times I've read Bubbles, Bubbles), I just enter the first time a new book is read. I think it will be cool to one day look back at the list with the Littlest Kraken, when he's older and possibly no longer a sea monster, and see which stories stick with him throughout his childhood. But still, 6 to 1. Sigh. 

Sure, let's read it again. The 817,830,923rd time's a charm.

Not that I'm complaining (except about Bubbles, Bubbles). I love reading to TLK. It's one of our rituals, and he *loves* books already, so I can count at least one thing I'm doing right. I just wish I was blazing through my TBR pile as quickly as we are his. 

Anyone else out there a fan of Bubbles, Bubbles? Is there some deep and meaningful symbolism I'm missing here? If baby Cookie Monster insists on eating soap, does that mean it's cookie flavored soap? It's possible I'm over thinking this...

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  1. I love how this world is changing with time. I mean now we can have books for out little babies these days in order to develop some sense of studying at the early ages. Great work