Monday, February 20, 2012

Of Hijinks Ensue and the Adele Awards

I'm a long time follower of geek webcomic Hijinks Ensue and Joel Watson. A post from early last week, following the Grammy's (or, as we call it in my house, the Adele Awards), was especially funny...and pretty much perfectly articulates my thoughts on popular music:

"[Joel] tuned in [to the Grammy's] right as front Foo Dave Grohl was making an impassioned acceptance speech about how important it is to learn to play a real instrument and really sing into a microphone and not worry about over producing and striving for phony perfection and… he was played off stage by LMFAO. That pretty much distills exactly how I feel about the current state of popular music."

True story. Joel also continued with a few observations about Chris Brown and the sick, sad state of popular entertainment when a known woman-batterer is not only not punished for his actions, but instead given one of music's highest awards. Because, you know, his is the type of example we should be furthering. Sure. Yeah.

To check out Joel's Grammy rundown, go here. And if you aren't already following Hijinks Ensue, I suggest you start.

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