Monday, March 21, 2011

Of Trading Cards and Trends

Baseball cards. Pokemon cards. Country Music trading cards.

It was inevitable.

Growing out of twitter conversations (#romancetradingcards - seriously, how awesome is twitter?), the romance genre is now getting in on the trading card action. Participation is open to all. Authors are responsible for the creation and printing of their own cards. Cards can feature any romance character (hero, heroine, villain, beloved sidekick, etc) across any romance subgenre. Authors are invited to bring their cards to book signings, conferences, and events for readers to collect and trade.

Worried your creativity levels may not be up to snuff in terms of card design? Companies like Hot Damn Designs offer formatting, stock images, and more.

Participating authors can be found at, where card images and links are listed free of charge.

This is such a great idea!

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